Anal & Vaginal "Bleaching" Brightening 

*First Salon in Northern CA to offer this service since 2010

We all want to look our best, especially in the most intimate areas of our bodies, and now you can with our exclusive "bleaching" brightening procedure for sensitive areas! Our unique intimate "bleaching" brightening service lightens/brightens the pigment to provide a more even skin tone and texture. Many individuals have a natural discoloration surrounding the exterior of their intimate areas and areas of high friction and just as many people find it less than desirable. Our unique intimate areas "bleaching" brightening procedure provides a safe and easy way to lighten/brighten your skin and help you feel more confident!

We proudly use Pinxxx products in our intimate brightening services. Pinxxx products were created with ONE goal in mind; helping people be Confident, Sexy, Fierce, up close and personal, lights on & film star ready! Pinxxx values a holistic approach to Intimate Skin Care. Our Skincare Formulas will never contain parabens or other harmful toxins, they are completely free of artificial colors, artificial fragrances, synthetic chemical preservatives, and are cruelty free. Pinxxx avoids Mineral Oil and Petroleum by products in our Skincare because of their pore clogging effects and potentially toxic contaminants like (PAH’s) Hydrocarbons. All of our Skincare products are manufactured in the USA in FDA compliant labs utilizing the most advanced pharmaceutical grade ingredients that are clinically proven for the results driven client.

Our advanced system does NOT contain harsh chemicals such as Hydroquinone found in other lighteners! Instead, we feature safe,effective products that won't irritate or have dangerous side effects. Our accelerated skin brightening system is designed for use in the anal, vaginal, genital, underarm, face, knees/elbows, scars, burn marks and other intimate areas. Great for ALL skin types! Typical results after the first visit are 2-3 shades lighter and will continue to lighten with repeat visits and/or aftercare. Most clients are extremely happy after just one visit and aftercare!

For best results this is a combined service with our waxing only. For those that prefer other methods of hair removal please visit our "Vajacial" page. Keep in mind you will NOT see the same results if you are not having the full service BUT you will have great results as well. The speed of the visual result is contingent on your melanin depth which you've inherited. Everyone lightens up at different speeds. Keep in mind this is a cosmetic service to beautify & brighten not a substitute for a medical service.

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Cost: $100 per area PLUS waxing; Anus/crack, Outer Vagina/Labia, Underarms, Inner Thighs, Knees, Nipples *Must not be Pregnant or Nursing, must not be receiving laser treatments

*For best results this service is combined with waxing only in most areas. After care products are recommended. 50% deposit required for booking with 48 hour cancellation required. Deposit goes towards appointment. Deposits can be made by going to the products page on this website or by Zelle, Venmo, Apple Pay, Fb pay, text the salon (209)676-0286 on how to proceed.

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