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Manscaping Services:Waxing just for men!

Facial Waxing
Eyebrows $18
Neck $12
Ears $11
Nose $11

Full Body Waxing
Chest/Stomach $55
Back/Shoulders $55
Full Arms $55
Butt cheeks A La Carte $28
Hedging $11
Mankini $36 and up; Speedo Line Clean up
Teeny Mankini $39 and up; Smaller mankini line for Gstring front
Manzilian $66 You guessed it! The Brazilian wax for men 
Add  Butt(no cheeks) to any  above Bikini for $25
Full Body Waxing(Neck Down)$275 50% deposit required at time of booking.
*And up Pricing depends on hair coarsness and density
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